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Continuation of the themes presented in the previous seminar (PAP 8510 Séminaire de recherche en administration publique I). A major paper is expected from the student. The mini-case competition is the only entry point to the course! The second portion of the course involves student teams tackling live cases examples. Understanding published corporate financial statements, the development of concepts and principles for the analysis of financial reporting issues: the foundations of financial statements, assets evaluation and income measurement, financial statement and accounting policies, financial statement analysis and financial and investment decisions. Ce séminaire met l'accent sur les sujets d'actualité dans les sciences administratives; les sujets traités dans ces séminaires peuvent changer d'une année à l'autre. Perspective de contingence pour formuler et changer la structure d'une organisation face à différentes conditions avec le but d'atteindre les objectifs organisationnels. ADM 6276 Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Management (1.5 unit). ADM 6791 Lectures dirigées en administration I (3 crédits), ADM 6792 Lectures dirigées en administration II (3 crédits). Our Career Centre offers a large variety of free services to the Telfer School of Management students and alumni. Hardware and software common in business are available. Definition of the issue, diagnostic, analysis and proactive recommendations in the context of a company or organisation. Develop core skills in the application of Lean Six Sigma, especially within the context of service organizations. Concepts de base nécessaires à la compréhension des relations humaines. Format d'études de cas : les étudiants travaillent en équipe sur un cas global et reçoivent des commentaires sur leurs présentations de la part de l'instructeur du cours et de consultants en exercice invités en tant que présentateurs externes. ADM 6371 Computer Methods in Industrial Engineering (3 units), ADM 6371I Computer Methods in Industrial Engineering (3 crédits / 3 units), Volet / Course Component: Cours magistral / Lecture, ADM 6373 Business Telecommunication Systems (3 units), ADM 6376 Information Systems for Decision-Making (3 units). Les théories de la productivité. Use of accounting information in decision-making by internal users. Discounted cash flow analysis. This perspective also permeates the coverage of the business functions. Thereafter, their performance will be evaluated upon completion of each additional 12 units. Problèmes de gestion dans des pays étrangers et au sein de firmes multinationales. PAP 8511 Séminaire de recherche en administration publique II (3 crédits) Préparation à la rédaction de la thèse (incluant le projet de thèse) en administration publique. MBA 5532 Gestion des ressources humaines (1.5 crédit). ADM 5352 Managerial Macroeconomics (3 units). Le mémoire a environ douze mille mots (environ 50 pages). Understanding the notions of power and politics underpinning management decisions. Formation en communication et présentations efficaces dans les affaires. Important underlying concepts covered include the organization's environment, technology, strategy, and its link to structural options; organization growth and decline, information processing and control, organization decision-making and effectiveness, organization learning and renewal. There are two possibilities within the co-op option. Les modèles de l'offre et de la demande à l'échelle de l'industrie et du marché. Financial management of multinational firms. Applications in MS Excel in corporate finance and investments. In both cases, students must complete all 5000-level courses, (for a total of 34.5 units) as well as 19.5 units of 6000-level courses. MBA 6542 Comptabilité et stratégie II (1.5 crédit). Prerequisite: MBA 5235 or permission of the MBA program director. International portfolio and direct investments. Structures du marché et décisions managériales optimales, stratégies/tactiques dans la théorie des jeux. Portefeuille international et investissements directs. Préalable : MBA 5561. The thesis must demonstrate the student’s capacity for scholarly analysis of a specific subject. Financial planning and control. Caractéristiques des systèmes de fiscalité, le revenu d'emploi (incluant la rémunération différée), le revenu d'entreprise et l'amortissement fiscal, les gains en capital imposables et les pertes en capital déductibles, autres éléments imposables ou déductibles, l'impôt des particuliers et l'impôt des sociétés, la fiscalité et la prise de décision dans l'entreprise. The combined maximum number of units allowed in retained units, advanced standing or in transferred units is 24. 4: 4.5-unit courses in English Students starting with the MBA program must apply for admission to the Common Law Section prior to November 1 or to the Section de droit civil by March 1. International regulations/ constraints. Préalables : ADM 5700, ADM 5720, ADM 5730, ADM 5731, ADM 5741, ADM 5742, ADM 5750, ADM 5751, ADM 5770, ADM 5780, ADM 5761 Stratégie et politique de la gestion II (3 crédits). L'approche Six Sigma et la performance des processus d'affaires. Permet d'approfondir certaines questions abordées plus généralement dans des cours antérieurs. Relationship between marketing management and organizational strategy. La nature, les objectifs, les avantages et les faiblesses de chaque forme de vérification et la complémentarité qui les réunit. Prerequisite: successful completion of 30 units within MBA program acceptance of a project proposal by a review committee composed of the supervisor, MBA program director a representative of the business org. Préalable : MBA 5635 ou permission du directeur du programme de MBA. Students may take graduate level courses in any discipline recognized by graduate studies. ADM 6262 Technology in the National and International Environments (1.5 unit), ADM 6263 Technology Adaptation and Innovation in a Corporate Environment (1.5 unit), ADM 6266 Multinational Management I (1.5 unit), ADM 6267 Multinational Management II (1.5 unit), ADM 6268 Comparative Management I (1.5 unit), ADM 6269 Comparative Management II (1.5 unit), ADM 6271 Business Telecommunications Systems (1.5 unit). ADM 5770 Gestion de l'information (3 crédits). Fundamentals of using the Internet for marketing tasks. MBA 5355 Economics for the Global Manager (3 units). Le concept de marketing; la segmentation; la différentiation; le comportement du consommateur et de l'acheteur industriel; le plan marketing; la stratégie de produit; la stratégie de prix; la stratégie de formation et de communication; la stratégie de distribution; la vente; les dimensions sociales, légales et éthiques en marketing. Examination of the impacts of socio-economic, technological and cultural globalization on our systems of governance both internationally and domestically. Principles of auditing, internal and the external audit functions. Étude approfondie du domaine des politiques publiques. ADM 5502 Relations de travail (3 crédits), ADM 5700 Analyse des données (3 crédits). MBA 6900 Stage / Internship (6 crédits / 6 units). Préalables : ADM 5700, ADM 5720, ADM 5730, ADM 5731, ADM 5741, ADM 5742,ADM 5750, ADM 5751, ADM 5770, ADM 5780. Le rapport de stage sera évalué S (satisfaisant) ou NS (non satisfaisant) par le professeur en consultation avec l'autre directeur. Under certain circumstances, students enrolled in the program may take courses in another faculty or at another university and have the units transferred towards the requirements of the degree. Models of integration of the business functions through information technology and the tools of the new economy are explored. In its evaluation of applicants, the admission committee will identify those who lack mathematical background and will strongly recommend that they complete four Quantitative Analysis for Business Modules (namely "Basic Mathematics", "Spreadsheet for Statistics", "Mathematics for Finance", and "Calculus for Microeconomics") offered in an hybrid delivery mode (on-line with some one-on-one tutorials with a professor.the modules can be done completely on-line for students who cannot attend live tutorials). Current issues in management accounting and internal reporting are discussed. MBA 6199 MBA Consulting Project II (3 units). / In-depth study of a particular area of public management or governance. An active knowledge of French and English is essential. Concomitant : MBA 5659. Practical applications of professional sales management and consumer behavior theory. The pedagogical approach stresses teamwork and managerial skills development. A contingency perspective on constructing and changing an organization's structure under different conditions to achieve the organization's goals. Design of arbitrage portfolios for asset valuation, risk neutral valuation, option pricing models, convertible securities and warrants, forward contracts and futures, option strategies, and use of derivative securities in portfolio management. Les sujets des études de cas abordent les différentes questions du monde des affaires ayant une incidence sur les petites et grandes entreprises (p. ex. MBA 6566 Cours du programme d'échange international II (3 crédits), MBA 6567 Cours du programme d'échange international III (3 crédits), MBA 6568 Cours du programme d'échange international IV (3 crédits), MBA 6595 Concours d'études de cas en gestion (1.5 crédit). MBA 6620 Gestion de la relation client et du processus de vente (1.5 crédit). MBA 5270 Knowledge and Information Management (1.5 unit). See the EMBA web page for more details (. Questions importantes en matière de technologie (la portée et la nature des connaissances technologiques et de la protection de la propriété intellectuelle), de financement (capitaux d'amorçage, capital de risque et placement initial de titres) et de relations interentreprises (entreprises dérivées, alliances et alliances avec participation en capitaux et acquisitions). International financial environment, foreign exchange markets, international money and capital markets, exchange rate determination, currency swaps, and currency and interest rate exposure management. Interprétation des concepts et techniques de base utilisées dans l'analyse des données. The courses for the full-time MBA students are offered in a specific sequence over twelve (12) months. Application of univariate and bivariate methods to various datasets. 7: Information Systems MBA 5658 et MBA 5659, ensemble, sont équivalents à MBA 5755. Change management issues. Examen des travaux actuels de normalisation à l'échelle internationale sur la durabilité pour et par les TI. MBA 6680 La gestion de la performance et des opérations (1.5 crédit). ADM 6716 Problèmes de politique générale et d'administration (3 crédits). Mise en oeuvre de changements stratégiques. Ce cours est divisé en trois parties consacrées respectivement à des problèmes contemporains de politique économique, de politique sociale, et de politique administrative. L’ENAP est la référence pour développer des projets de recherche en administration publique sur la gestion internationale, la santé, l’éducation, les affaires autochtones, le secteur municipal, la sécurité civile, les politiques sociales et plus encore. e-Business Strategic implications and e-Blueprint formulation. Différences interculturelles. (passer à la version française de cette page), (switch to the English version of this page), Visit the Under the joint supervision of a faculty member, of an executive from the client organization, and of a practicing and experienced Certified Management Consultant, students address an issue or a problem of importance being faced by a private or public organization. The 18-hour modules, normally offered over a six-week period, provide more variety in course offerings and allow flexibility in course delivery, as some modules may be offered in an intensive format such as over a 3-day weekend. Together, MBA 6198 and MBA 6199 are equivalent to previous course MBA 6499. Utilisation des produits dérivés pour la couverture contre le risque financier. The Six Sigma approach and the performance of business processes. The project cycle; identification of need and initial design, evaluation of proposal, the end of the project, planning and execution of operation, the human and organizational dimensions of project management. La conception des processus avec UML (Unified Modelling Language). ADM 6795 Séminaire en administration III (3 crédits), ADM 6796 Séminaire en administration IV (3 crédits), ADM 6901 Projet / Project (3 crédits / 3 units). Il vise l'identification des défis auxquels fait face le directeur général, ainsi que la présentation des modèles et grilles d'analyse de base, quand vient le moment de choisir une orientation stratégique, de rechercher des avantages concurrentiels, d'allouer les ressources, d'intégrer les opérations et les projets, de se donner les moyens pour la mise en oeuvre des stratégies arrêtées et de gérer le changement. Some courses are offered in an intensive format over a week or a three-day weekend, and occasionally on Sundays (see the MBA program website for further details). ADM 5310 Public Sector and Business (3 units). MBA 5500 et MBA 5501 constituent une équivalence à MBA 5700. System implementation issues. Il discute l'organisation et l'infrastructure d'un système de santé, ainsi que son contexte historique et ses futurs défis. The objective is to present the main theoretical approaches and tendencies (neo-institutionalism, post-positivism, political economy, etc. Ce baccalauréat touche à toutes les sphères de l'administration: management, entrepreneuriat, finance, assurance, immobilier, comptabilité, gestion des ressources humaines, technologies d'affaires, approvisionnement et logistique, gestion internationale, marketing, gestion de projet, etc. This course allows students to discover specific topics in managerial accounting. It allows the student to grapple with real-world challenges facing organizations through industry-based integrating projects that draw upon multiple disciplines. Students can take advantage of our MBA Career Development program. MBA 6267 Multinational Corporations and Strategies (1.5 unit). Client organizations gain access to motivated, experienced and talented MBA candidates for addressing real-time organizational needs and challenges. Those who fail to maintain an average of 6.0 at the time of the periodic review are placed on probation. Utilisation de portefeuilles d'arbitrage dans la détermination du prix des actifs, évaluation dans un contexte de neutralité au risque, modèles de détermination du prix des options, titres convertibles et bons de souscription, contrats à terme de gré à gré et boursiers, stratégies avec options, utilisation de titres contingents dans la gestion de portefeuille. Linkages between information and knowledge management. Santé Publique à distance Ce programme définit les fonctions, mise en oeuvre, programmes et mesures des systèmes de santé publique. Motivation, subliminal image, gestalt theory, risk taking behaviour, adoption processes, attitudes, brand loyalty, as well as the sociological and cultural aspects of behaviour. It is divided in three sections dealing with specific contemporary issues in economic policy, social policy and administrative policy. This course explores the structural-, cultural- and process-based organizational change management challenges facing business strategists during new technology implementation initiatives. Research tools, research methods, design of experiments, and surveys, gathering, analysis and interpretation of market-related data. Language support is available to those who might need it. The course draws heavily on analytical skills learned in other MBA courses, and prepares students to undertake the MBA Consulting Project. MBA 6565 Cours du programme d'échange international I (3 crédits) Cours offerts dans le cadre du programme intensif d'échange international d'été à Reims, en France. Gap analysis in budgetary control. A student who disagrees with this decision may, within a week of communication of the Telfer School of Management decision, submit a written appeal to the dean. Toward this, the course draws upon management frameworks, support tools and best practices for the joint optimization of technology and social subsystems within organizations. Planification et préparation. / Registration for the research paper is permitted in the second session. 8: 4.5-unit courses in French Students opting for the French cohort must have at least a passive knowledge of English (ability to read and understand spoken English). Part-time students have an opportunity to complete up to twelve (12) units of the program requirements through the intensive International Summer Exchange Program. Students wishing to request a review of any marked assignments returned while the course is in progress must do so within one week of receipt of the marked assignment from the professor. This course will introduce students to the concepts, theories, data and other ideas related to macroeconomics. Ce cours introduit les étudiants aux concepts, théories, données et autres idées liées à la macroéconomie. Changing organizations from a consulting perspective, organizational entry and contracting, consultant-client relations, data collection, diagnosis and feedback, evaluation of organization development interventions. Development of skills in the effective conceptualization, planning, implementation and evaluation of change interventions in human systems. This seminar focuses on current issues and topics in management. MBA 5241 Managerial Accounting Information and Decisions (1.5 unit). PAP 6102 Democratic Governance (3 units). MBA 5161 and MBA 5162, together, are equivalent to MBA 5360. Informal dimensions of public organizations, including organizational cultures and power relations that mesh with organizational issues. Marketing's place in society and in business. * ABS - (absent, no work submitted): Awarded to a student who has not attended the course and has not informed the academic unit in writing, within two weeks of the start of the course. Application of marketing tools to solve problems of profit and non-profit service organizations. Special emphasis is placed on performance criteria. Overview of the scope of early stage of financing (suppliers, angels, crowdfunding, banks, owners' resources, etc.) Students must be proficient in the use of computers and basic applications related to management, such as word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software, internet browsers and email. At the time of admission, students may be granted exemptions, retained units or advanced standing for graduate courses in management previously completed as a regular student in a Canadian MBA program or similar program accredited by the AACSB International or equivalent. Implementing change in order to enhance competitiveness. ADM 6702 Prévision dans l'économie et dans l'entreprise (3 crédits). WWW and the pricing, promotion and distribution of goods. New product launch. Theories, methods and applications of behaviour science in organizations. Développer une connaissance de soi ainsi que les habiletés interpersonnelles nécessaires à la gestion des relations interpersonnelles et au sein d'équipes en milieu de travail. Enquêtes publiques en cours. Correct interpretation of results, in particular in the context of performance-based management. ADM 6326 Industrial and Technology Marketing (3 units). Ability to draw conclusions based on samples and to recognize and capitalize on the relationship between two variables. ADX ZZZZ: Courses that are exclusively offered to the Telfer School of Management Executive MBA (EMBA) students and alumni. Une attention particulière sera accordée aux critères de performance. Students may propose topics and, if approved, investigate the area under the guidance of a professor. Conceptual framework of financial reporting, the accounting cycle, financial statements, accounting for assets and liabilities, measurement of income, accounting for partnerships and corporations, accounting for government and non-profit organizations, and analysis and interpretation of financial statements. The government as client: technology and private-public partnerships. Développement de la compréhension de ce que l'on peut tirer d'une analyse statistique, ainsi que des limitations de cette même analyse. The primary objective of this program is to enable students to acquire a set of skills and knowledge which is extremely important in today's market. Located in the heart of Canada’s capital, a few steps away from Parliament Hill, the University of Ottawa is among Canada’s top 10 research universities. l’Administration Publique, c’est le Droit de la Fonction Publique. Role of information in organizations. Ce cours comporte six heures de cours par semaine. MBA 5665 Gestion de la performance (1.5 crédit). Discounted cash flow analysis. Parmi les sujets importants au programme citons : l'environnement de l'organisation, sa technologie, le rapport entre stratégie et structure; la croissance et le déclin organisationnels, traitement et contrôle de l'information; la prise de décision efficace, l'apprentissage et le renouveau organisationnel. Résolution des conflits et des problèmes, négociation, développement des équipes, et application de l'intelligence émotionnelle. NOTE: Throughout this text, the terms "course" refers both to three-unit courses and to 1.5 unit modules. For the most accurate and up to date information on application deadlines, language tests and other admission requirements, please visit the specific requirements webpage.

Poids Berger Australien Mâle, Se Loger Eaubonne, Campanile Réservation En Ligne, Batterie Bosch Easydrill 1200, Aiguille Rouge Piste, 100 Activités D'éveil Montessori Des 18 Mois Pdf, Restaurant Saint James Paris, Hôtel Régina Le Puy-en-velay, Citation Homme Humour, Echange De Titres 3 Lettres, Maître Gims Première Femme,

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